About Tangible Design Co.


Based in Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island, born and raised in Vancouver, I am a graphic designer with over 25 years industry experience.

Tangible Design Co. has been a long awaited business that I have been dreaming of since 2004 when I finished the Information Technology and Applied Systems Program at Malaspina College.

​My path took a different direction though and I found myself working at the Nanaimo Daily News as a graphic designer. This was a realIy fun job, especially the close proximity to the news room and listening in on the latest debate.

Unfortunately change is inevitable and the time was set to launch my dream to start a home based business. The mission of Tangible Design Co. is to become established as “the go to, good value, graphic design shop” for web and graphic design, catering to small businesses, organizations and private individuals.

Design & Technical Services

Please feel free to give me a call, and lets chat about what you would like to do with your business.   250.618.5154

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